The SOLN Committee of Management (CoM) comprises up to three members from each of the four Landcare groups within the Network. The CoM meets monthly and sets policy and strategy for the Network. The Landcare facilitators are managed by the SOLN HR Committee and Finances are managed by the SOLN Finance Committee.

2023/24 SOLN Committee of Management Members and Office Bearers:

Chair: Kevin O’Connell
Deputy Chair: Tony Webber
Treasurer: Kel Needham
Secretary: Colin Jevons

Apollo Bay Landcare Group
Ken Forrester, Colin Jevons, Kevin O’Connell

Hordern Vale Glen Aire Landcare Group
Joy Whitton, Kel Needham, David Simmonds

Marengo Barham Landcare Group
Jeanette Carrington, Liz Gliszczynski, Tony Webber

Wye to Wongarra Landcare Group
Anne Newell