The Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) is a grassroots community organisation dedicated to protecting and restoring our environment so that we can live, work and find joy in a healthy, productive and balanced environment. Located between the iconic Great Ocean Road and the beautiful cool temperate rainforests of the Otway Ranges in Victoria, Australia, SOLN plays a central role in the protection of biodiversity, creation of community, environmental education, citizen science and the promotion of sustainable land management across our Network area.

SOLN is an umbrella organisation that unifies four Landcare groups extending from Wye River in the east to Lavers Hill in the west. We are transparently and efficiently governed by a volunteer Committee of Management who provide strategic and operational direction to our team of skilled, professional staff. We also support the Shrub Club Community Nursery, Otway Ocean Care, Edible Garden Group, Otway Bird Observers and the Southern Otway Beekeepers.

SOLN works with private landholders, volunteers and public land managers to undertake diverse projects. These include weed and pest animal control, revegetation, biodiversity enhancement, threatened species conservation, education, soil health and pasture management. We do this by working with our members and partners to match projects to funding sources.

Connecting with SOLN is good for the environment, good for your property and good for you! When you connect with Landcare, you connect with knowledgeable people in your neighbourhood, learn new skills and open the door to the potential to receive financial and practical assistance for a range of projects on your property. Find out how Landcare can help you by joining your local Landcare group.