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Welcome to the Shrub Club

Here at SOLN, we have been working a little project which we would like to share with you. The Shrub Club are a group of members who have been helping us to resurrect the nursery at SOLN’s Support Centre, community nursery. Every Wednesday morning, they have been meeting up and chipping away at this project, always accompanied by a coffee and a yarn.

Pricking out seedlings

Some weeks they propagate indigenous plants other weeks they embark on guided walks by some of our highly knowledgeable volunteers, such as Otway Herbs’ Ken Forrester and native grass guru Ian Clarke, collecting native seed for the nursery as they go.

Guided walk along Sugarloaf

The overall vision for the Shrub Club is to grow Indigenous plants to assist in revegetating the Southern Otways back to its pre-colonial state whilst creating a community hub for members to enjoy. 

Nursery produce

Many hands make light work and the Shrub Club are always looking for more helping hands, we meet up 9:00am every Wednesday at the SOLN Support Centre Nursery, at the end of Piggery Land, Apollo Bay. If you would like to get in touch or stay in the loop join our mailing list.