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The Barham River Restoration Project

The Barham River is a unique freshwater catchment, home to healthy populations of the vulnerable platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), native freshwater crayfish and the Australian Grayling (Protroctes maraena). As well as significant bird species, including the Hooded Plover (Thinornis rubricollis), Fairy Tern (Stemula nereis nereis) and Eastern Great Egret (Ardea modesta). Unfortunately, these species are under threat due to the deterioration of their habits particularly due to the infestation of blackberries (Rubus), wandering trad (Tradescantia) and countless other introduced invasive species as well as over grazing causing bank erosion.

SOLN has been lucky enough to be awarded $80 000 from the Wild Otway Initiative to combat weeds in this catchment area. In addition to this, Barwon Water alongside Geelong’s community nursery, GenU have donated 5000 plants towards revegetation works on the Barham River. These plants are Indigenous to the Barham River’s riparian zone, which will help us on the long and testing journey of improving the river’s riparian health.  

We would love to have the community involved as much as possible in this project and so we will be holding a community workshop event to assist us in forming a plan to harness this funding and look into long term strategies in the Barham’s combat against weeds.

Following on from this…

The Barham River Weed ID Workshop
11:20am Saturday 1st May 2021
At SOLN’s Support Centre, end of Piggery land, Apollo Bay

Please come along at 11:30 am Sat 1st May to the Landcare Support Centre (end of Piggery Lane, Apollo Bay) for our Barham River Weed ID Workshop and discussion on the project.

Starting off at the nursery with some nibbles (feel free to bring a plate to share, we will also have the amazing Holly Munday providing some share plates) and a discussion on what the project is all about, followed by a walk on the Barham identifying weeds.

We are seeking expressions of interest from members who own private land in the Barham Catchment who may want to be part of volunteer works to assist in weed removal as part of this project in return for works completed on their own properties by other volunteers and contractors. If you have a property that requires weed removal as part of this project or have any other ideas/suggestions we welcome feedback and input, we hope to get many hands in the ground to make a real impact with this project as this is a great opportunity to really start to make a dent in the many weeds along the Barham.

A link to our expression of interest form can be found here: 

If you are interested in becoming part of an active steering committee for this project please email your interest to

Have a look at the below link to see the exciting results of our funding application and other initiatives approved: