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Southern Otway Landcare Network

69 Nelson Street,
Apollo Bay 3233.
0412 313 216

Landcare Facilitators

Oliver Kerr

0412 313 216


Andrea de Kauwe (Southern Otway Beekeepers)

0448 555 060


Seamus Fillmore (Shrub Club Community Nursery)

0455 503 892


Joy Whitton (Lavers to Lighthouse and Otway Mushroom and Fungi Group)

0434 405 745


Clem Wetherall (Lavers to Lighthouse and Otway Bird Observers)

0475 708 303


Darcy Nugent (Otway Ocean Care)

0480 158 789


Committee of Management


Chair Kevin O'Connell

Vice-chair Tony Webber

Treasurer Ken Forrester

Secretary David Simmonds


Below are a range of useful member resources and links.


Group Membership Forms and Contacts

Apollo Bay Landcare Group ABLG Membership Form 2020 Susan Twigg 0407 541 537 ABLG 2019 Newsletter
Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group HVGA Membership Form 2020 Sandra Curtis 0407 868 400  
Otway Barham Landcare Group OBLG Membership Form 2021 Mikhala McCann 0437 375 774 Facebook Page
Wye to Wongarra Landcare Group   Anne Newell    


Department of Environment Land Water & Planning (DELWP) NatureKit

NatureKit is DELWP's mapping tool that displays information on Victoria's biodiversity values, flora and fauna distribution, native vegetation, disturbance and land classification. Can be a useful resource when planning a project on your property and determining the EVC benchmark for your property.


Aboriginal Heritage Identification Guide

The Aboriginal Heritage Identification Guide has been developed by Parks Victoria to allow for greater awareness and care of Aboriginal cultural heritage, in order to ensure this heritage is not lost for future generations. This guide is here to help with the basic identification of Aboriginal cultural heritage, and what to do if you find something.