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If you are a resident or property owner in the Southern Otways, we invite you to consider joining one of the five local Landcare groups that together comprise the Southern Otway Landcare Network. Membership of Landcare has many benefits, including access to funding sources to support environmental and land management projects. Many people join Landcare to meet other property owners and share knowledge and skills. Others are simply passionate about the land and environment. Membership fees start from $25.00 a year. You can read more about each group below and view group locations on the map here. Contacts for each group can also be found on our resources page.


Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group

The Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group extends from Johanna to Cape Otway. It includes the fertile plains and environmentally significant estuary system of the Aire River and is a mosaic of productive agricultural land and National Park. The Hordern Vale Glenaire Landcare Group is also the home of the Conservation Ecology Centre (CEC) who have been undertaking important research into Tiger Quolls, the die-back of Eucalyptus viminalis and other important environmental issues.

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Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group

The Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group includes the settlement of Marengo and half of the township of Apollo Bay. Bordered to the west by the Great Otway National Park, the group encompasses the beautiful catchment of the Barham River. The Barham River is a declared Water Supply Catchment and is the domestic water supply catchment for the local community. One of the aims of the Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group is to rehabilitate the river “from source to sea”.

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Apollo Bay Landcare Group

The Apollo Bay Landcare Group includes the valleys of Skenes Creek and the steep and spectacular Wild Dog. Landcare in the Southern Otways was born in this area, primarily out of a concern to control Ragwort. The Apollo Bay Landcare Group remains a key force in local Landcare with many members having made significant contributions to environmental rehabilitation on their properties. Whilst continuing concern for weed and pest management, the group also has a strong focus on local environmental issues such as monitoring the nests of the endangered Hooded Plover.

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Wye to Wongarra Landcare Group

The Wye to Wongarra Landcare Group is the most easterly of our five groups, encompassing the townships of Wye and Kennet River. The group is a diverse mix of productive farmers and part-time residents interested in different options for land management. With spectacular coastal outlooks, the area supports a large number of accommodation businesses as well as agroforestry and niche agriculture such as shiitakes, truffles and high-quality meat production.

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Otway Coast Regenerative Farmers Landcare Group

OCRF are a group of local farmers living in the Otway region who are engaged in the production of food, farm, and forest products. They are focused on creating the highest quality produce in a sustainable way that regenerates the land, by using approaches that work with nature, rather than against it, and minimising the use of artificial fertilisers, sprays and additives. These dedicated farmers have developed a set of recommended practices through which they aim to improve soil, waterways, the health of native flora and fauna, as well as the health and enjoyment of the people who consume their produce. They are focused on delivering high-quality local products to the community as well as fostering the local economy to grow and prosper.  The group aim to provide local regenerative farmers with a network of support through membership, educational events, whilst providing an incubator to assist emerging members with their goals and practices for growing ethical, natural farm produce. 

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