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Analog Forestry and Dry Stone Walls

Interesting workshops are being held by some terrific community groups. Between April 28th – 30th, the Moorabool Landcare Network are hosting an Analog Forestry Workshop. Analog forests are planned forests that mimic the structure and function of pre-existing climax forests to provide both conservation benefits and farmer income during the early stages of succession. Moorabool are hosting acclaimed international Analog Forestry experts to run through principles and design exercises. Please refer to the attached fliers for more details.

Analog Forestry Workshop Flier for April 2014

Analog Forestry Workshop Schedule (2)

A little closer to home, the Laver’s Hill Community House are running a drystone wall workshop across three Saturdays in May. Participants will work dry stone waller and sculptor Alistair Tune to build a wall on a Ferguson property. The cost for the three days is $155, details in the attached flyer.

Dry Stone Wall Course Info


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