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Shine on, Landcare

Last weekend, the Wye to Wongarra Landcare Group hosted the SOLN Committee of Management (CoM) meeting. The CoM has been travelling throughout the Network across the course of 2013 to expose more community members to Landcare and to gain an insight into our local Landcare communities. It’s been a tremendously successful initiative and re – inspired Landcare members across out Network.  Here at the SOLN office we were delighted to receive this email from Wye to Wongarra member and SOLN Assistant Treasurer Michael Abbott. We think that Michael’s words tell a wonderful story of community working together, which is the true power of Landcare. So thanks, Michael, for penning the following words and letting us share:

Hi Everyone,

First and foremost, we are proud and active members of our W2W land care group. It is great to be a part of it.

From here on though, I am writing this from my (Michael) perspective and will include a report on the CoM meeting that followed our W2W presentation last Saturday at the Wye River Surf Life Saving Club.

Look, I try to be punctual and to be on time! I wanted to be down at the WRSLSC at around about 11 but got there around half 11. And, what follows is one of the many things that happen sometimes that brings a smile to the face. I get there and Mike Nurse is already setting up the overhead thingamejig thing for Pam, Damien and Tony Webber are putting out the tables and chairs, Joan and Bryan have already set off to collect the lunch from Toby at The General, amongst other things that they have already done, Anne and the girls are getting the name tags organised, I lob, clean and fill the urn and start to clean and put out whatever is available; glasses and mugs for T and coffee, mineral water, orange juice; the stuff that Stephanie had already belted into the bay to buy, and it was just a natural thing. The whole thing flowed. People were just doing things. No manager nor supervisor or designated coordinator to direct; it just did! No clock! After about the midday light lunch of home-made Sour Dough rolls, each with delicious filling; super fresh; and around 1, Anne got things going – welcoming everybody sort of stuff and introducing Pam, our guest speaker from Melbourne Uni. Well done Anne.

Pam Whitely, from the Faculty of Veterinary Science at Melbourne Uni, spoke about the health of our Australian wildlife and using an extensive showing of overheads to complement what she was talking about, yes, she was really good. There are a lot of links between the flora and fauna and us within the food chain that have been identified but there is still lots to find out about that if the link breaks for instance, what do we can do to repair it. Pam is one of those who want to find the cause of the ‘breakdown’ and she is using her research into the wildlife part of the chain to do so. I’d bet you that if she had the dosh, she would put it towards finding the cure!

Without going out of her way, she involved the audience of 26, which included 3 children, in her presentation. Quite a skill! She knew what she was talking about. Freshly dead, gloves, masks, 3 sheets of cling wrap, ice, eskys are some of the references that stick in the mind and whilst she may not have stated it in this way, the connectivity between the natural environment and where we, as humans, sit in the picture, rings true.

Thank you Bryan and Joan for putting her up as guest speaker.

Thank you to Stephanie for the presentation of the flowers to Pam that were selected from our garden (Not bought! Must be land care natural stuff!).

Denise. Her closing address was not only complimentary to Pam and all who were there to witness her lecture, it was to those who had done a lot of the background work to make this thing happen! You also put SOLN in the frame. And, this is a very important and tactical move. I think that we have more who have signed up. Denise, you did so with style and finesse. Thank you.

Thank you, Andrew Hack, who helped us secure and set-up the WRSLSC as a venue for our W2W land care group presentation to our members, to SOLN and for our CoM meeting.

It was great to see some faces there that we have seen before like Jo and Mark, and some new ones.

Anne, Bryan and Peter – I have said it all along and from the start – There is no benchmark. We are 1 of 4 land care groups within SOLN. We asked each other in effect, to do it well, and we did. Thank you.




Denise at the helm! It is really lovely to have someone there who is not into waffle, talking in circles, going on and on and on and on. I’m saying the same thing! Pres, I’ve been to lots of meetings over time when the above has happened, and it is really great to have you or Denise in the chair to not let this happen.

The invitation was extended to all as to staying on after our W2W presentation to sit in on our CoM meeting. No one took up the welcome. It really didn’t matter. Our Pres, Peter Gardiner, had completed, to my knowledge, most of what he had to or wanted to do with the cattle, sheep, whatever; so didn’t make the lunch nor Pam’s presentation but he did get there just prior to the start of our meeting not that long after 2. Peter sat in with us. What a wealth of experience and knowledge! He and Ken, Mike, Denise, Tony, David – a bottomless pit

Anyway, we went through the agenda as per norm. Treasurer’s Report, Matters stuff; I can’t remember his name but Mike and Libby have a bloke starting to fill Quentin’s shoes and he’s been there done that before with land care and I trust their decision. You have to back me on this one. I’m not going to say yes to something that I don’t have at least the least amount of info about. Mike’s report was, you know, he doesn’t leave anything out! Funding, where we are up to with Governance, the upkeep and maintenance of the Support Centre, project development.

Through the guidance of Denise at this meeting, we worked through the Governance documentation and doing the things we need to do to being an incorporated body. This has to be done within the stipulations and clauses, sub-paragraphs, sub-sections, the legalese sections of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012 which has replaced the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. Just thought you may like to know. The wording is crucial.

The ‘new’ Finance C’tee is getting there. Strategies are strongly linked to this. It is also crucial (yes, yes, yes, there’s that word again) that we get this right.

We spent a lot of time ‘refining the product’. In the end, you should see the benefit of time spent.

Okay! That’s it.

And another thing: Between fighting for peace and dying for love, we still find time to enjoy life.

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