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Southern Otway Landcare eNews September 2013

Holistic management and social systems with Allan Savory

On August the 18th, SOLN’s facilitator attended a workshop with Allan Savory. Once considered quite radical,  Savory’s method (an holistic agricultural management system based on the intensive grazing of large herds) is one of a number of “alternative” practices currently gaining  mainstream traction.  The system that he uses is based on intensive planning methods linked to specific decision making systems that require the landholder to critically examine the entire context of the situation in which they find themselves working. Savory asks us to challenge our basic assumptions and eliminate biases in our thinking in order to arrive at innovative solutions. Surprisingly, Savory spent a lot of time talking about social systems and the nature of knowledge and leadership. A number of engaging ideas were presented relating to how change occurs. Perhaps the most challenging was the idea that an organisation never drives change but can only reflect change from the broader  population. This would appear to be an interesting set of ideas of relevance to Landcare as a social as well as an environmental movement. SOLN have ordered texts on Savory’s techniques, and other alternative farming practices,  and will be making them available to Landcare members through our resource library. SOLN would like to thank Milkwood Permaculture and the National Landcare Facilitator Bret De Hayr for supporting the Allan Savory tour. We recommend that those not familiar with his ideas take the time to watch his presentation on TED.


Calling for Community Seed Collectors

SOLN wishes to hear from people interested in selling seed to our seedbank. Seed collectors will be required to:

  • Collect seed according to SOLN requirements for species and provenance
  • Clean and process seed for sale to our seedbank.

We purchase seed by processed weight and community collectors can collect and process  it whenever they have time or inclination. Drying racks and other facilities will be made available at the SOLN Support Centre.

Interestd but don’t know how to collect or process seed? Seeding Victoria will be delivering training to interested community members on Thursday October the 31st and Friday November the 1st at the SOLN support centre and ongoing mentoring and technical support will be provided by Ken and Judi Forrester. We hope that Community Collectors will be able to increase our stores of high value and rare seed. Please contact Mike Nurse or Libby Riches on 5237 6904 if you’re interested.

Goodbye and goodluck to Quenton Gay.

The Southern Otway Landcare Network are saying a sad farewell to Quenton Gay after nearly 3 years with the Network to accept a role with the Office of Living Victoria as an Integrated Water Cycle Management researcher based in Ballarat and Melbourne. The OLV’s role is to deliver urban water reform, transforming the way our water cycle is managed and how water cycle services are provided in Victoria. Quenton’s new role will be involved in the development of a complex mapping model and reporting system, collation and quality assurance of data  and providing outputs from the computer model that depict the current situation of water cycle management and future projections. He will be researching and providing technical and multidisciplinary advice for whole-of-water-cycle management options such as stormwater harvesting and treatment, water reuse systems at varying scales, drainage and flood management, groundwater aquifer recharge across Ballarat and Melbourne. Quenton has worked with SOLN in the capacity of both team leader and co-ordinator and we wish him all the very best for the future.

August Committee of Management Report

This month’s Committee of Management (CoM) was held at the Council Offices in Nelson Street that SOLN calls home. CoM approved upgrades to our facilities at the Landcare Support Centre to allow us to cope with increasing future demand for indigenous seed and seedlings. These upgrades will allow us to safely carry through our winter germinant seedlings through the summer and strengthen our capacity to collect and process seed. We will host a seed collection workshop in November to allow community members to take a bigger role in seed collection in their Group areas. SOLN staff will also be putting in more grant proposals for funding this month under DEPI’s Communities for Nature, and supporting Group submissions. Next month’s CoM will be hosted by Apollo Bay Landcare Group and be held at Otway Herbs. Landcare members are welcome to attend the topical lecture and field visit and observe at CoM.

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