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SOLN Amnesty on Missing Resources

Dear All

We have been conducting an inventory of SOLN’s resources and it has come to our attention that since November 2006 some 30 reference books have gone missing. These books are essential for project and education program delivery by SOLN staff. We do not wish to make any wild accusations as I’m sure many of these references are sitting in people’s bookshelves and have honestly been forgotten. Please look at the attached document and if you have any of the listed books return to the SOLN office ASAP no questions asked! Unfortunately it is for this very reason that SOLN has a no borrow policy for our resource library.



Kind Regards


Kristen Lees

Southern Otway Landcare Network

PH 5237 6904

Fax 5237 6734


~ by SOLN on September 10, 2008 .

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