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Agriculture in the Southern Otway’s

From July 2011 until present SOLN has continued to work with landholders to trial grazing management practices to provide data on potential improvements in soil, plant and animal health through the implementation of strategies that reduce chemical inputs. With over three years of data to support the trials we are pleased to see improvements in land function, soil biology and soil chemistry whilst maintaining the nutritional value of the pastures. Data has been subject to seasonal/annual variation from 2009 to 2011 and SOLN is very pleased to have secured additional funds from the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority (CCMA) to continue these trials into Summer 2011/12 which will provide great benefit to the dataset. Since the continuation of the project in July SOLN has also continued research on Dung Beetle populations, released more colonies of the winter active Bubas bison Beetle, and we are in the final stages of piecing together a second Soil Health Kit. For more information please refer to the report on project progress,

December Report on Variation

Also remember to view our small YouTube video on Dung Beetle releases in the Southern Otway’s featuring Doug Watson,


A special thanks goes to Lisa Miller from the Department of Primary Industries and to Graeme Hand of the Stipa Native Grass Association for presenting Grass Identification and Grazing Management at our Field Day in November. This was a brilliant hands-on and practical field exercise with excellent identification charts and information on pasture weed species. Due to popular demand you can view some of the resources that were available,

Legume ID Key

Grass ID Key

Grass ID Example Diagrams

Weeds in Pastures


SOLN has also added a number of titles to our Resource Library relating to Soil Health and we are still seeking a few recommended titles for Grass Identification and Pasture Management,


  • Greener Pastures for South West Victoria. Department of Primary Industries
  • Grasses of Temperate Australia: A Field Guide. Lamp C.A, Forbes S.J & Cade J.W.
  • Identification Handbook for Native Grasses in Victoria. Mitchell, M.
  • Crop Weeds. Wilding J.L, Barnett A.G & Amor R.L.
  • Field Guide to Weeds in Australia. Lamp C & Collet F.

SOLN proudly acknowledges the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country program.

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