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Agriculture in the Southern Otway’s

From 2009 – 2011 the Southern Otway Landcare Network (SOLN) has been demonstrating alternative management practices to provide data on potential improvements in soil, plant and animal health through the implementation of strategies that reduce chemical inputs.

Trials of Holistic Planned Grazing have shown potential to increase land function, benefit soil chemistry and biology and maintain the nutritional values of pastures. The observed benefits in soil health also increased the ability to resist erosion and may also extend the growing season and potentially increase the resilience of pastures to respond to seasonal and climate changes. This was achieved whilst applying nil-chemical inputs.

Dung Beetle results over 3 years yielded some interesting results. Beetles that are active over the Summer period observed reasonable, but variable, numbers however there was an apparent lack of beetles active over the Winter period. In light of that fact SOLN released over 7000 of the Winter active Bubas bison in various locations. True to the reputation of Dung Beetle they have reduced dung piles where they were released very rapidly, returning those nutrients to the soil and providing pathways for infiltration.

For more information on the outcomes of the project please refer to the Final Report,

2009-11 Final Report

Results Summary (Case Study 2009-2011)

Fact Sheet Dung Beetles in Australia (SCAM)

SOLN Dung Beetle Program (low res)

You Tube video – Flight of the Dung Beetle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPSJmDFR7Jg


The Southern Otway Landcare Network proudly acknowledge the Australian Government’s Caring for our Country Program.


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