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Southern Otway Landcare eNews, 9th June 2011

Confirmed Tiger Quoll Sighting in the Otways

Those of you who were listening to Ros Jamieson’s Environment Matters program on Otway Community Radio last night will have heard the breaking news of a confirmed Tiger Quoll sighting in the local area. Tiger Quolls are the largest marsupial predator on the Australian Mainland and are classified as an endangered species. Despite a belief that the Otways and Great Ocean Road remain a stronghold for this species, numerous surveys have failed to detect any sign of their presence for a number of years. The beastie sighted yesterday however showed no signs of shyness, strolling boldly across a driveway and making its presence clearly known. This is great news for the Cape Otway Conservation Centre’s Tiger Quoll Flagship Program, so now’s a great time to get on board and support their fantastic efforts. Looks like Badger the Quoll tracking dog is going to have some work to do when his training is complete!

National Heritage Listing for the Great Ocean Road

In April of this year, the Great Ocean Road was accepted for inclusion on the National Heritage List. The National Heritage List includes places determined to be of importance to the nation for their natural or cultural values. The listing includes the Great Ocean Road between Torquay and Peterborough and sections of the coast off the road around Cape Otway. Factors contributing to the Road’s listing include its construction and status as a memorial to returned servicemen, it’s geological history and fossil dinosaur deposits, and its association with surfing history. It is also interesting to learn that the Road is considered to be one of the greatest sources of inspiration for the famous Australian landscape designer Edna Walling. A listed property is required to have a plan of management which will ensure that management into the future will take account of its national heritage values. In related news, the Gunditj mirring Traditional Owners of South West Victoria are currently holding a symposium to work towards World Heritage Listing for the Budj Bim National Heritage Landscape. This is a magnificent Victorian volcanic and Aboriginal cultural landscape right on our doorstep and we wish them the best of luck with their efforts.

Calling for Expressions of Interest for Landcare Projects 2012

Are you interested in improving the environmental health of your property? We are currently accepting expressions of interest for 2012 projects. Typical projects may include: fencing off a waterway and providing off-stream watering to exclude stock and improve water quality; revegetating a steep gully to stabilise a site of erosion; direct seeding with indigenous seed to create a biodiversity corridor; fencing off remnant bush; removing environmental weeds to protect native habitat or topping up an existing Landcare project to include greater diversity. Please contact our office for an EOI form.

Sustainable Agriculture Field Day

You are invited to attend a FREE Sustainable Agriculture (Soil Health) Field Day at the Hordern Vale Hall on Tuesday 19th July 2011. Guest presenters will include Graeme Hand from the Stipa Native Grass Association and John Feehan, Soil Care and Management (to be confirmed). Lunch will be provided but if you want to be fed we will need your RSVP by July 8. This event is supported by Caring for our Country.

Please refer to the flyer below for details. Flyer Field Day July 2011

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