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Minutes: Barham Group AGM – 4th June 2011

Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group

Date and time: 04/06/2011 4:30pm – 7:30pm

Venue: Buchanan’s shed by the fireside

Present: Simon Pockley, Denise Hooke, Allan and Leslie Huggins, Jocelyn Dexter, Carole and Frits Wilmink, Ailsa Fabb, Tony Webber, David and Sylvia Churchill, Sam Falzon.

Danni Vigers, Toby Somerville, Frank and Beb Buchanan, Jonathon Smith, Susan and Alistair Royse.

Guest Speaker: Andrew Nixon is contracted by Colac Otway Shire to conduct a feasibility study into the Shared Path along the Barham river. His presentation covered the status of the study and some of the challenges involved. His talk prompted many questions and considerable discussion. The Group was grateful for Andrew’s time and patience.

Decision: Simon Pockley and Carole Wilmink are to represent Otway Barham Catchment Landcare Group on the Pathways Reference Committee.

Romanowski’s Report: Simon Pockley gave a summary of Nick Romanowski’s Report on two of the restoration projects on the Barham river:

(Press link for Romanowski’s Report http://soln.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Romanowski_BarhamReport.doc [Word 3.57M]).

President’s Report: Denise Hooke reported on the state of the Barham Catchment and asked for priorities that could be taken to the Otway Barham Reference Group to be included in the Catchment Management Framework. These were:

  • Remove willows form the upper reaches of the river as and when opportunities arise.
  • Remove expanding clump of Populus Alba at the bottom of Killala Road.
  • Monitor the spread of Flea Bane
  • Concern was expressed over the effectiveness of the fish ladder constructed at the old measuring station on the East Barham. Was it necessary to bring in foreign rock?

Matters arising:

· Membership: The proposal to manage membership centrally through the Landcare Network (SOLN) was discussed and approved. It was resolved that the period of transition needed close attention.
· Sharing of the load: All present thought that it was important to try to ease the workload of our Landcare representatives but there were no practical solutions to the pressures caused by the shortage of volunteer members prepared to put in time, absentee landholders, and demographic rot. Denise congratulated for her work as President of the Group and SOLN HR Committee Chair.
· Project Coding: The decision by the Landcare Network (SOLN) to no longer code projects and instead use landholder names was welcomed a we can now see who is doing what and celebrate their projects
· Previous Minutes: Accepted (moved Simon Pockley, seconded David Churchill)


· President: Simon Pockley elected President (moved Leslie Huggins seconded Jocelyn Dexter)
· Vice President: Tony Webber (moved Simon Pockley seconded David Chrurchill)
· Treasurer/Secretary: Jocelyn Dexter was re-elected Treasurer and also elected Secretary(moved Leslie Huggins seconded Sylvia Churchill))
· SOLN Projects Committee delegate: Tony Webber
· SOLN Delegates: Denise Hooke, Simon Pockley, David Churchill, Tony Webber
· Pathways Reference Committee representatives: Simon Pockley and Carole Wilmink.
· Bank Signatures: All to remain with the addition of Tony Webber (moved Simon Pockley seconded Denise Hooke)

Meeting closed and discussion followed over a delicious dinner until at 7:30pm

~ by Simon Pockley on June 6, 2011 .

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